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Update Log

【2023/05/29】 - rkgk

feeling depressed lately over how everything with meaning is adopted by others and stripped of all meaning and substance and is left a vacuous aesthetic fascimile. tired of the endless sludge being spewed out without saying anything of meaning, only repeating iconography and empty words reminding you of something that once actually spoke with intention.

dont have tablet so doing DS drawings. trying to find a nice art program but flipnote is nice for now even if dont understand all the tools yet.

【2023/05/27】 - degaussing

if a halo becomes magnetised it leads to undesired deflection of the light inside the angel. a degauss causes a magnetic field inside the halo to oscillate rapidly, opposing any external field (such as the earth). this returns the angel to its intended path.

the angel may emit a dull humm and will shake for a short period time.

【2023/05/05】 - ds feeling

testing drawings on the go with DS. want to play dragon quest 9 but no one to play with...

【2023/04/30】 - manga

spent the day translating 3 chapters of a manga no one but wren cares about instead of actually productive work...

releasing things for others to see always feels deeply compromising and dont know if will ever overcome that anxiety

【2023/04/18】 - texture painting practice


【2023/04/16】 - pie iesua domine, dona eis requiem


have been thinking a lot about search for angels in automata again lately. its inevitable to encounter artists with aspirations of recognition and fame, but this game feels like it speaks to wren's artistic aspirations. angels are hard to see when it is noisy, but stand out in quiet. angels reverse entropy of a dead configuration. angels are invisible, except for the evidence of their presence.

working on things with blood machine again. this time its a game about iesua nazarenus.

【2023/03/20】 - 精神崩壊

feeling mentally really unwell even if physically fine. brain is all mixed up and struggling to operate coherently. worried am going to have to cancel nanoreno entry since can barely draw... kind of scared...
最近、 DOOMのmodをたくさんプレイしました…

【2023/03/17】 - recovered

think am mostly recovered but not really producing good drawings since had a long break. watched the patlabor movies.

【2023/03/09】 - recovery

returned from hospital this morning. really dislike the feeling of immobility and weakness after something like this. can't really manage making art in this state so am playing final fantasy tactics advance.

【2023/03/06】 - sick

have been really really ill. am goingto the hospital and will have somewhat of a recovery. drawings have been particularly poor lately. 今月新学期始まるのですごく落ち込んでいます。 元気になりたい。

【2023/03/05】 - rkgk

【2023/02/23】 - isolation

have been isolating a lot lately for various reasons. its been calming. playing visual novels and thracia 776. received a commission from a touhou artist its fond of.

【2023/02/19】 - 88x31

made an 88x31 banner if anyone would like to link to the site

【2023/02/17】 - rkgk


【2023/02/16】 - city angel


【2023/02/15】 - cherry tomato toast

was sad today so made cherry tomato pasta but with toasted milk bread instead. also played nintendo DS in underwear and a dark souls tshirt.

【2023/02/11】 - rkgk

【2023/02/10】 - 新暗月

completed website update.

have been playing a dark souls mod named 『shadow of the eclipse』. its nice to revisit a familiar game with a new experience.