the 『wanderer』 seated across from you lifts their head, revealing the face of a young woman.
she introduces herself as 『wren』, and begins to share with you information of her time attempting to reach the peak of table mountain.

【wren】 so far i've made it to the entrance of table mountain - but even that was only after a long journey.
before that i passed through a large forest, wandered through a long-forgotten mine, and pressed through a poisonous swamp.
if you aren't prepared for the dangers in these areas you won't make it to table mountain, let alone the golden land.

your items and equipment are really crucial. even equipment that might seem useless has a purpose.
wooden equipment is often weak, but it can't rust. the heavy shield offers fantastic defense, but tires you out faster.

scrolls are really important and useful - and each has a significantly different effect.
the airslash scroll will deal massive damage to every monster nearby, while the powerup scroll will increase your strength for one floor.
the crisis scroll has different effects depending on the situation:

and i believe there are more effects i have yet to discover.

some of the creatures on the path are particularly dangerous, and require strategic use of items, terrain, and movement to overcome.
the monster daikon can be found in the first 5 floors, and will poison you from a distance if you aren't careful.
move outside of their line of sight until you can get close enough to attack.

the kimen-musha is a suit of haunted armor that is aggressively powerful.
upon defeat, the spirit will leave the armor and try to possess nearby monsters - increasing their strength dramatically.
stay near them after defeat and try to defeat the spirit before it can possess another monster. arrows are useful for this.

the peetan is a giant egg-shaped creature that drops treasure. it runs extremely quickly so use arrows to hit it from a distance.

oh and above all else, always remember this crucial tip:
use the Y button to sort your inventory!

we 『wanderers』 live constantly within the winds of chron, the travel god, and they effect us especially.
be careful out there. may chron give you a fair wind.

『wren』 offers to share with you images of her journey.

you thank 『wren』 for her advice and tales, then embark from the inn on your own journey.

locals say that wren ascended table mountain and reached the golden city, but disappeared shortly after.
explorers still try to seek the city however, wanting to view for themselves the wonders that she did.