yume nikki

【wren】 i wouldn't exist without yume nikki.
lately, fans launched an online version we can play together.
link here

the bustle of the nexus with the constant interactions between other dreamers.
it's truly enthralling.
it almost feels like it was made to be an mmo.

i met many others and we explored together.
being led through hell by the grace of a stranger - it's a dream that will stay with me.

it's strange that the isolation is also enhanced - the silence of being alone is now truly deafening.
watching the UFO dance from the hillside feels even more melancholy.
this game will always be the most beautiful to me.

side note: please play madotsuki's closet, which i feel is one of the best yume nikki fangames.
it resonated with me very deeply and took me back to when i was obsessed with this game.