as a 'treat', please enjoy a selection of seasonal games which wren enjoys

kirby's halloween adventure
this romhack for the famicom kirby game redesigns the enemy and level sprites to give the game a halloween feeling.

this is really one of wren's favourite famicom games and getting to experience it again with a new theme that suits the holiday is exceptionally wonderful.

patch can be downloaded here

vampire killer
also known as castlevania: bloodlines, this mega drive game is often very overlooked. wren likes to play a castlevania every year at halloween but when was younger always gravitated to super 4 due to its legacy, but really do believe these days that this is the better game.

the overseas versions had a lot of censorship while the japanese original is fully in english so please play that version if possible.

is available on emulator, PC, console, etc.

shin megami tensei: if...
while it was released after shin megami tensei and shin megami tensei ii, this game stands alone without prior knowledge and is much more approachable for newcomers.

your school is transported to a mysterious world of demons and you must fight with your classmates to survive and get back home. incredibly creepy occult atmosphere perfectly realised on the super famicom.

patch can be downloaded here

please have a nice halloween with many warm memories