this place is a safe place for any neurodivergent people or people with troubles with their general mental wellbeing. self-dx is completely welcome and valid.

here you will find art and thoughts around the theme of mental health, as well as some advice with how to help if you are struggling.

note: all the content here is based off my own personal experience with mental health as someone diagnosed with depression, anxiety, bpd, bulimia, and cptsd. things here may not apply to you.

what is menhera?

menhera (メンヘラ) is a japanese subculture based around mental health/illness. it began on the japanese website 2ch's bpd/mental health board, and was created by the users (mostly mentally ill women) as a destigmatized term for mental illness. the subculture is focused around the internal struggle under the surface that exists when suffering from mental illness. you can find a lot more information about the origins and meaning of the subculture at this tumblr blog.

this section is named menhera as i feel a really strong kinship with the aesthetics and feelings expressed through the subculture, as well the focus on the humanity of sufferers and art which is created by those who are themselves mentally ill which is very normally absent in art depicting mental health, which are things i'd like this webpage to reflect.

caring for yourself

coping with the lockdown

we are all in a very hard place right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic. these are some ways to survive lockdown.