˚· ʚ₍•ᄋ̫•₎ɞ .⊹

lately i'm playing a lot of katamari damacy. i'd never played it before and it's been really helping me feel less depressed. collecting random garbage with no coherent connection or meaning and combining them into a beautiful shining star resonates with my experience of creating art. the creativity and simplicity of katamari's graphics, gameplay, environments, story, etc, are very comforting and really reminds me why i adore retro games above all else.

my new vn should be out by the end of next month if things stop falling apart. some of my art is also going to be in an upcoming game made by someone very very dear to me, and i've also started doing some rpgmaker development for a personal project. i really want to log more details soon when i feel comfortable sharing.