˚· ʚ₍•̥̥̥ᄋ̫•̥̥̥₎ɞ .⊹

ive been meaing to update for a while but have been struggling to put thoughts into any coherent structure. i dont blame myself for poorly handling my depression lately - its actually a very reasonable and appropriate reaction to feel this way in relation to the ongoing onslaught against angel girls and our sisters right now. still its hard to be someone passionate about creation but be withheld from the process by stress. even my sketches lately have all ended half-completed.

ive been thinking about sisterhood a lot lately, both in the sense of girls i am bound to familially but also in the sense of girls like me. ive been connecting lately with so many girls who have been through the same trauma and share the same feelings, and theres such a wonderful sense of belonging in knowing that they understand. all the angel girls and other traumatized [prefix]-girls are my sisters and i am unashamedly a siscon.

my sister morgan «link» recently released her game WoRMeR Deluxe which i was lucky enough to do some artwork for. im a little late in blogging about it but i am really grateful i had the opportunity to work with her. it was also my first time seriously doing sprite art outside of doodles on dotpict and i feel i learnt a lot which i can apply in the future.

some of my artwork from the intro to WoRMeR Deluxe

otherwise ive been trying to play a lot of things inbetween the little art and dev ive managed. i completed shiren the wanderer and arkista's ring, played a considerable amount of mh4u with blood and lilith, and spent time with a lot of freeware games, doom mods and rpgmaker games. nothing has grabbed me fiercely lately, at least not enough to write extensively about them or add them to the gamelog, but i have been really enjoying my time with what ive played, and feel so blessed every day for the accessibility of small indie works and retro games so i can continue to ignore whatever is currently popular.

shiren the wanderer [sufami]

arkista's ring [famicom]

faria [famicom]

monster hunter 4 ultimate [3ds]

ashes 2063 [doom ii tc]

rothdam [rpgmaker 2000]

ogre battle [saturn]

hopefully the next update will take me considerably less time.