˚· ʚ₍•ᄋ̫•₎ɞ .⊹

actually have been happy lately, despite the world trying its hardest to conspire against me at every opportunity. i attribute it mostly due to managing to still keep creating despite the hardship, which is something i never used to be able to do until recently. im really proud of myself for that growth.

been working on a new game with my sister which has been really exciting. its both our first time doing anything serious in 3D so its been intimidating but very fun. right now its all prototyping but we are hopeful to release a demo for dream diary jam 6 by the end of june.

i also have a short vn im trying to complete using the videotome:adv framework by freya c. nothing i feel happy to show yet, but ideally it will be released by the end of the month.

aside from creating things ive been trying to play more video games. lately ive had trouble with anything truly grabbing me in a way that i want to spend hours at a time playing it, although im glad that energy has gone into development instead of dissipating entirely. the one game i have been spending any real time with is persona 3 FES.

persona 3 FES

ive been basically playing this game as a bedtime story. every night ill do a bit of grinding in tartarus or progress a few in-game days before i fall asleep. its a pace that i feel works best for this game, as usually playing these long drawn out rpgs i tend to lose steam otherwise.

persona 3 FES

i really appreciate that this game is willing to create friction for the player. instead of being able to check your party's stats or equipment in a menu, you have to ask your party members individually. your party members can get sick or tired or have other obligations that prevent them from joining you in a dungeon. you cant directly control your party members, instead only giving them vague broad instruction. i was told before playing that this game could be tedious or frustrating, and that the characters could be annoying, but i think this friction is actually really wonderful and helps the game to feel more authentic in its representation of relationships.

persona 3 FES

i also just appreciate the aesthetic design. it resonates deeply with my chuuni sensibilities that ive never let go of. the main character is also effeminate enough and their personality and story relatable enough that i feel comfortable playing through this game in the context of them being a closet transfem, which makes it more fun for me.

want to stop using sns as much and focus on webdev more, so please expect more blog posts, dev logs, and general site updates soon.