im not sure if its my nature or an external force, but my life is always in turbulence. nothing is predictable, instead chaos obfuscates any path i plan to take and forces me down another. im not necessarily complaining, as difficult as it can be i would probably be bored if things kept the same, but at least for now it seems my life has undergone another massive shift to a new phase that i felt it was worth recording. im actually very positive for this change, and i think the output of my art has demonstrably already increased due to it, so i suppose the lesson i need to learn is that my wings can navigate these chaotic winds if i keep my composure.

somnium angelus

first and foremost, my latest game somnium angelus has released! i plan to do a proper postmortem with my collaborator and sister morgan, who is actually here on the moon with me right now, but i wanted to at least make note of it here. i found the act of collaboration not only fun but really fruitful for keeping me accountable, its unbelievable to me in hindsight that we managed to achieve and learn so much over the course of a month's development time. somnium angelus is a relatively simple game with relatively simple 3D art, but i feel confident that next time we can both push much further and create something even more special.

download here


ive been wanting for a while to write more long-form and intentional writing, so started a section for essays. right now i have a topic section for video games and posted my first entry about symphony of the night - you can read it here. im planning to add more sections to the site for fiction writing and other artwork like zines, but obviously it will be at whatever pace i can manage. at the very least its very nice to get my thoughts out in a more solid form and i enjoy the act of writing - hopefully i will also improve.

simulation games

recently was playing mercurius pretty and then its spiritual successor pixygarden. both made me long for the lost simulation genre, now confined to city builders or similar but otherwise has lost its fantastical scope. i really want to make something with this sort of comforting and meditative but also contemplative feeling, and especially i am interested in how these games avoid video game's normal tendancy to violence and instead focus on creation and cultivation.

mercurius pretty [pc-98]

pixygarden [psx]


of course i cant tell where the winds will be blowing in the future, but at the very least its prudent to plan for where i assume they will be blowing me in this next phase. morgan and i are already discussing our next game plans, and i also have several ideas of my own that i would like to work on with the increased free time i will have. a vn in advtome and an rpg in rpgmaker feel really compelling to me right now. im also planning to post art more publically and consistently, most likely going to try undertake the 100日チャレンジ. i need to overcome my anxiety over sharing my art and my issues with consistency, and this seems like the most appropriate way to address that. and of course updating my site will always remain an important hobby to me, and hopefully a little more frequent. for now though i am going to take a short rest in the wake of somnium angelus' release.