˚· ʚ₍•ᄋ̫•₎ɞ .⊹

this is a small little update i felt like making. i need to get better about using my site less formally and just posting because i desire it. its a higher barrier to entry to post here, i always feel compelled to have something meaningful to say or something finished to show, but thats counter intuitive especially as i want to spend more time here and less on social media. i think about this post by murid a lot - who by the way is a lovely artist with a website i encourage you to visit - where they describe how the temptation to just mindlessly scroll can be overwhelming but that ultimately its more fulfilling to create something instead.

im working on another model. i feel my skills in 3D have matured a lot thanks to the mentorship of my dear friend blood machine - when i compare my latest models to my work on somnium angelus only a few months ago the difference is pronounced, and when i posted my last model of gwyndolin on socials it recieved a lot of praise. below is a wip.

i suppose ive been retreating inwards lately - i have a lot of others wanting to work with me and some unfinished solo projects but i have been trying to focus only on my own improvement rather than creating anything new and impressive. i think its important for me to have times like this though, i think my halo would crack if i didnt.