have felt a lot like wings have been clipped or am shackled to the ground or am carrying an astonishing burden. whichever the reason am incapable of taking flight. even in the wake of good news, such as health prognosis improving, am just unable to feel much joy. really working hard to escape this however possible, but it remains a difficult path.

working on next sistersoft game has stalled somewhat, so have nearly finished new short vn. is somewhat a departure from past works so am anxious to release it, but have been trying to internalise that the only way to overcome this anxiety is to share. feel anxiety likewise over sharing sketches, especially when producing poor work. in the interest of trying to overcome poor self-esteem in relation to art, will post now a drawing that this one thoroughly disliked and hopefully will be told is not as bad as it thinks.

furthermore, have been participating in public things which tend to avoid with the exception of game jams. created a halloween webpage for a neocities community collaboration in order to continue improving webdev skills, and am also planning to participate in a small game jam in addition to submitting art for the 『touhou mystia's izakaya』 200k event.

will continue trying to regain the ability to fly despite hardship, and will pray to break free.