˚· ʚ₍•̥̥̥ᄋ̫•̥̥̥₎ɞ .⊹

felt like making short post. feel like rambling a lot lately. have been walking at least 10k steps every day so maybe its leading to being stuck in its own head a lot which can be an 『issue』, or maybe its just string of awful events lately.

poor sketches lately too

have been feeling quite isolated with seeing a lot of strife and turmoil happening around it... really dont have a lot of shared values with humans it seems, and especially do not possess the patience to deal with certain personalities. have always been sincere and heartfelt to a point that its found to be offputting, likewise with its values and beliefs being so outside humanity - maybe this is an angel's nature... its hard to find other angels but long to have some others who see the world in the same way.

am also thinking of modern web a lot. feels cliche to write disdainfully about modern web on neocities but truly does feel like place that fosters the worst sorts of behaviours and discourses. it really just wants to blend into an anonymous imageboard with other angels. really feel it might be necessary for it to make one at this point...